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The Drivemotion LED Car Sign will let you say what you need to say

Drivemotion LED Car Messaging system

Road rage is a really terrifying thing. People take their own life issues and problems and heap them onto one person who is completely detached from them on the road. Everyone mucks up using a turn signal here and there, or not seeing someone who is obviously right beside them. However, trying to have a screaming match with others on the road will get you nowhere.

If you want to have the civility of using passive aggression rather than words, then the Drivemotion LED Car Sign is what you’ve been searching for (whether or not you knew you were searching for it). This is a remote-controlled LED car messaging system that will let anyone who is behind you know what you want to say, without having to say¬†anything.

While there are some gestures that are the unspoken code of being on the road, there are some things you just can’t say adequately enough. This device will be put in your rear window thanks to a power suction cup, and will give you 16 different messages to convey. They have a large variety of things to communicate such as back off, sorry, slow down, goodbye, have a nice day, and an assortment of facial expressions that you likely made, but didn’t want the other driver to miss out on. You’ll need 4 AA batteries for the device itself, and a CR2032 for the remote. This will cost you $39.99, and is bound to leave you with some amazing memories.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek