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Drive Alert Master

Drive Alert Master
This is an amazing idea for a gadget. If you find yourself driving late at night and fear falling asleep at the wheel, you could keep yourself from getting drowsy with this great gadget. The Drive Alert Master uses a smart recognition technique to awaken you whenever you’re about to fall asleep.

It’s an easy to use gadget as it fits comfortably onto your ear just like a headphone. It’s designed to be warn for many hours at a time without becoming irritating and still lets you hear the traffic outside.

The system can detect the tilt of your head which is how it determines your drowsiness. When your head tilts a certain amount of degrees (programmable to between 15 and 30) a sharp beep is emitted into your ear which will having you snapping back to attention.

It’s very good battery-wise using the power very slowly. Included is the battery required and it should last for quite a long time.

It would also be perfect for trying to stay awake in class or while watching a movie which I’m sure has happened to many of you ;). If you want to ensure you never fall asleep at the wheel again, you should pick up a Drive Alert Master for just $14.99 Smart Home.

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10 thoughts on “Drive Alert Master”

  1. I actually think this is a bad idea. It only takes seconds, sometimes less for you to be in a crash. Hopefully people dont put to much faith in this and drive when they normally wouldnt.

  2. This sounds like a great idea. Lack of sleep isn’t always the reason for drowsiness. Some of us just aren’t the hard asses others are. I could sleep 12 hours, get up take a nice shower, eat some breakfast, have some coffee, grab a soda and hit the road…3-4 hours later I’m tired as hell.

    Driving just does that to me. So I stop and grab some more soda, stretch my legs and turn on talk radio or pop in a Comedian’s CD (i.e. Lewis Black, or George Carlin). This sounds like it would be a little extra help at not drowsing off as much. For $15 I’ll give it a go.

  3. MERCI de me donner l adresse ou comment acheter 1 drive alert master

    je suis tres intéressé

    cordiales salutation

    PS j habite en France

  4. merci de m’informer comment me procurer votre drive alert master. j’habite à Genève en Suisse.
    Je me suis déjà endormie au volant….
    m.h. de goyon

  5. Merci de me dire comment me procurer le Drive Master Alert.
    J’habite en région parisienne.
    Sincères salutations.

  6. Merci de m’indiquer comment se procurer le drive alert master.
    J’habite en région parisienne.
    Sincères salutations

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