Drink No More prevents pets from toilet drinking


Pets for some reason insist upon drinking from the toilet.  Perhaps the water is far better in there than what they find in their bowl.  Well if you would like to protect your pet from themselves, you can pick up this small gadget to help you out.  Since you can’t be around to see absolutely everything, you can attach this to the lid of the toilet.  Then if someone doesn’t put the lid down, you can still find out when your pet is up to no good.

It doesn’t actually scare them off or anything, that part is entirely up to you.  Instead anytime it senses someone approaching, the gadget will begin to flash and start beeping.  Then if you know that’s not a person near the toilet, you can go and run off your dog or cat.  The bad part about this is if you have a few people in the household all that beeping is not going to be enjoyable.  If you have a small household though, it could work out just fine.  It has a range of 28” and can be purchased for $24.95 from Solutions.

Source: Bookofjoe