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Drink Dispensing Driver

Tackling an 18-hole golf course does require some bit of endurance and a certain degree of physical fitness for sure. The thing is, it is all the more important to make sure that you remain well hydrated throughout the entire course, so that you do not end up collapsing on the green with your caddy requiring to drive you back to the clubhouse’s medical facilities on a buggy. Well, what better way to show the world your love for the game of golf than with the $89.95 Drink Dispensing Driver?

The Drink Dispensing Driver is pretty much self-explanatory, as it is a drink dispensing golf club which allows you to get a head start on the rest of your mates while you guys are still trudging on the course itself. The unit’s club head and shaft will make it look like it is a normal driver, but it has the secret ability of dispensing 1-oz. per second from a spout in the club head with but a single touch of a button. Whenever it resides in a golf bag, the drink dispensing driver will allow you to maintain the illusion of proper course etiquette, without drawing a second look unless the course officials have this rather keen eye. Capable of keeping up to 54 oz. of refreshments cool or warm for up to five hours, the Drink Dispensing Driver will be powered by a quartet of AA batteries.