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Dress For Dinner Napkins: Go ahead, wear an undershirt

I’m the type of guy who wears a suit and tie for a phone interview. I, for one, love getting dressed up. There’s something about a nice shirt and tie that just boosts my confidence up a notch. I just feel better in a suit. But there is surely (stop calling me Shirly) a huge chunk of you who despise the thought of donning a suit and designer slacks.

Maybe you just prefer more typically comfortable attire. A plain white undershirt and boxers are something you wouldn’t mind wearing to a dinner party. Lucky for you, you might just be able to get away with it now. These Dress for Dinner Napkins take the embarrassment of not being able to properly knot a tie and take the easy way out. A tie emblazoned napkin.

So here’s the deal. You get to show off the fact that you’re not a total bum by wearing a napkin in your shirt like a true gentleman, but you also don’t have to get all formalized for your formal dinner. The napkins have a fake tie drawn right onto the product, creating the illusion of a gentleman.

Fancy restaurants don’t have to be a match for your lack of fashion. Each package of 20 napkins cost you $5.95. So unless you’re eating ribs or BBQ, you’ll be all set for your next 20 semi-formal luncheons. No guarantee on whether or not these napkins will actually pass you off as someone who cares.

Product Page via Apartment Therapy