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The DreamWave Projector will use light and sound to lull you to sleep

DreamWave Projector

When you try to go to sleep, every single thing you have to do is buzzing around your head. Closing your eyes in the dark only helps you focus on all the things you have yet to finish. Many people use sound or light to help them relax, but if your brain is “on” all the time, why not use both?

This DreamWave Projector simulates light hitting water on your ceiling in 3 colors which will turn your room into a tranquil environment. You will not only get the lights moving on the ceiling, but you can also choose music to add a bit more depth to your atmosphere. Since it uses a 3.5mm aux cable, your smartphone, iPod, or MP3 will play nicely with this device. If you’re in a dark room, this will cover an 8×10′ space easily.

This will only run for 60 minutes at a time, so you’ll need to keep it near by your bed if you want it on every time you wake up. You can either plug this into the wall or use 4 AA batteries, though it will likely be cheaper to put it near an outlet as you’d have to buy new batteries every other week. This is going to cost you around $22, and it is targeted at toddlers and adults. Really this just means it’s for anyone who experiences some anxiety at night, and doesn’t want to be stuck in a dark room where their minds can go wild.

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