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The dreamGEAR Comfort Grip for your 3DS XL – be kind to your button mashers

dreamGear Comfort Grip

The way controllers, mice, and keyboards have changed over the years shows us that the way something is shaped can affect us. We see the word ergonomic pop up all the time with gaming peripherals, but that just means that it’s going to help put your body at the optimal angle while you’re using “insert whatever it is here”.

While there are plenty of options for ergonomic mice and controllers, there’s not much to be done for your 3DS. It’s quite literally a rectangle, and there’s little that makes it much different from the controllers of consoles long past. This dreamGEAR Comfort Grip for either your 3DS XL or New Nintendo 3DS will help you not only get a better grip on your device, but make it easier to hold this for longer periods of time without putting as much strain on your hands.

This will also provide far more protection for your 3DS as there will be a bit of padding for short falls and shocks. It’s easy to put on and take off, and there are cutouts for the ports, sliders, and camera so you won’t have to lose any functionality to the extra support. Due to the bulk of this though, it will be slightly more annoying to access everything if you have sausage fingers. This is only going to cost you around $20, and will save your hands and 3DS alike.

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