DreamBots Ltd. presents the WheeMe massaging robots

So who says that you need human hands to give you a massage? Well, you do, actually.

However, if you are willing to try out an acceptable substitute to fleshy human hands touching your back, you might want to consider the WheeMe from DreamBots Ltd.

The WheeMe is clearly designed to look like one of those massage wheels that a human is supposed to push across your back. Now, the creators of this massage thing could have made a robot arm to manipulate this thing, but they have made this autonomous contraption.

When I say autonomous, I mean that it has a built-in sensor that will insure that it never falls off the user’s back. I’m guessing that it probably spends a lot of time on your spine.

In case you are wondering if this spiky wheel might be slightly uncomfortable on your back, then you should know that my Source says are made of “soft fingerettes that provide a delightful sense of bodily pleasure”.

You won’t be able to get the WheeMe now, but it should be on display at CES 2011. I just learned that I am going to be attending this year, but I don’t really want to take my shirt off to try it out.


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