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Drain Strain – Work smarter, not harder

Drain Strain

We don’t need to invest in precautionary measures, but it’s never a bad idea. Doing so normally results in making sure potentially big problems only have a chance to be little ones that are easy to manage. The more preventative measures you take, the more smoothly your day-to-day operations will remain for a longer period of time. This can be big things like changing your oil early and stocking up on toiletries to putting a drain catcher in place to prevent obstructions.

While a clogged pipe is not a huge deal, it’s easier and cheaper to keep it cleaned out in the first place. The Drain Strain will not only make sure your sink can’t develop a hairball, but will also stop any tiny items from escaping you. This device is of Shark Tank fame, installing in your bathroom sink in a couple minutes, and will act as a replacement stopper for lever-actuated drains. The big pull is the basket underneath the drain cap which will catch anything that tries to go for a joy ride down the pipes.

Should your valuable cuff links or earrings slip in, you only need to turn, lift, and click the top, giving you access to what lies underneath. This is a $12-14 purchase depending on what finish you’d like on top. It’s not a necessity, but it will save you on pouring harmful chemicals down the drain or calling a plumber to snake it for you.

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