Dragon APX Frameless Goggles

Ski goggles are not just for fashion purposes – no sir, the reason for wearing them is to make sure that your eyes get adequate protection not only from the wind and snow, but from potentially glaring sunlight as well. Most of them come with frames though, so why not take the road less traveled with the £154.99 Dragon APX Frameless Goggles that is said to offer maximum vision with minimal bulk?
The rather radical all-lens appearance is also quite the performer, where the APXs are state-of-the-art wintersports goggles. Since they’re frameless, you will most definitely get a lift up the slope the next time the ski lift goes by your way, even though it is already super cramped inside simply because the girls there want to ask you just where did you get such a cool pair of ski goggles. Bono won’t be out of place wearing these, that’s for sure. Unlike regular goggles, the APX’s face-hugging triple-layer foam surround will remain on the inside, helping achieve not only style but safety for your eyes.