Dr. Who Tardis Tent

Ah, to be young again, and to have numerous types of stuff to look forward to under the Christmas tree each year. Well, the Yuletide season might still be months away, but this is no excuse not to think of the future. After all, you can already start planning for the year end purchases, no? Failing to plan is planning to fail just in case you were wondering, and so if you happen to know that your little ones love camping in the great outdoors, you might want to get them this $114.99 Dr. Who Tardis Tent to help ease them into the world of Dr. Who to boot.

It goes without saying that to lay your hands on an actual Tardis is just about impossible for everyone and anyone, as all of us cannot harness huon energy. There is nothing quite like the power of cold, hard cash though, as it would net you this amazing Tardis Tent, which is totally tangible and of course, definitely resembles the iconic blue police box from the sci-fi great, Dr. Who. The Dr. Who Tardis Tent basically is a replica of the 11th Doctor’s Tardis, and is made out of canvas, standing tall at 61” and measures 35” wide when closed.