Dr Martens 50th Anniversary USB Boot Drive

Dr. Martens recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary and in honor of that made a limited edition flash drive for your personal enjoyment.  It’s the perfect thing if you’re a longtime Dr. Martens fan.  Especially if you’re one that has to put away your favorite shoes when it comes time to clean up and head to work.  You can carry this around and at least enjoy a little rebellion from the everyday office wear.

The entire boot is 2” tall with a cap that pops off of the top of the boot.  It only holds 2GB of your data, so you would have to keep it designated for those smaller jobs that tend to come up more often.  It is limited edition, so you’ll have to hurry up if you’d like to get your hands on one.  Luckily they aren’t priced too bad.  For one it’ll cost you $25, sorry, they don’t come in pairs.

Source: OhGizmo