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Doxie Q portable scanner frees you from your desk

doxie-qThose of us who are road warriors will definitely be able to identify with the fact that we would like to live a paperless and wireless lifestyle as far as it is possible. After all, you can never quite tell as to when you might want to can all of those accumulated receipts on your recent business trip, or need a document that has to be transcribed into words as fast as possible, right? Doxie has had a pretty long and decorated history when it comes to the portable scanner department, and they intend to extend their expertise in this particular arena with the Doxie Q portable scanner.

The Doxie Q will be unlike anything that you have seen before, where this portable scanner is the ultimate paperless machine. This clever and portable device will come with a collapsible flip-open automatic document feeder which will be able to scan up to 8 full color sheets of paper (7.5 seconds of time required to scan a full page) at one time with the choice to pick from either 300 or 600 dpi, depending on your preference. Not only that, it is the ideal inbox for your scans, since the Doxie apps will be able to handle just about any kind of workflow, while making it a snap to go paperless. When you’re done with it, simply tuck the Doxie away in your bag or drawer — it is that easy to use.

In addition, the Doxie apps will synchronize all of your scans to your desktop or iOS device without missing a beat. It seems that Android users are left out of the picture here, so if you would like to maximize the use of the $299 Doxie Q, then getting an iOS-powered mobile device would be the most ideal combination.

Since the Doxie Q works as a standalone scanner, there is no need for any computer or laptop to be involved. The rechargeable battery itself is long lasting, so much so that it can deliver up to 1,000 scans on a full charge, now how about that when it comes to performance?

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