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Doxie Flip flatbed scanner review

doxie-flip-reviewDoxie is a company that has made a name for itself in the world of portable scanners, and here I am with one of the latest Doxie scanners – the Doxie Flip. The Doxie Flip happens to be a flatbed scanner that will run on batteries for extreme portability, allowing you to scan just about anything you like on the move in a convenient manner, such as business cards, receipts and the like. Of course, if you are thinking about scanning an entire huge poster, then the Doxie Flip would also be more than willing to be up to the task, as you will find out in the review later.

What makes the Doxie Flip different from all of the other small mobile scanners that we have seen in the past, this particular model does not require you to slide the scanner across the document which you would like to send over to the digital realm for good. The Doxie Flip has been specially designe in such a way, that it looks a whole lot like a miniaturized flatbed scanner.

First of all, what do we get with each purchase of the Doxie Flip? You get the Doxie Flip scanner of course, a 4GB SD memory card, batteries to help you get started right out of the box, a USB SD memory card reader, and an instruction booklet. There is also the Doxie Flip Case that can be purchased separately for $19 a pop. The Doxie Flip has a foot print of 10.23” x 6.46” x 1.34”, where it tips the scales at a mere 570 grams, making it extremely portable for road warriors.

With the Doxie Flip, you can opt to flip up the lid in order to reveal the 4×6″ (A6) glass scanning surface that will boast of orientation indicators so that everything can be scanned in the right manner. On the right of the scanner, you will be able to check out the power switch, scan button and an SD memory card slot. On top, there is a tiny color LCD display as well as 5 navigation buttons. The LCD display will feature a status bar at the top, where you will have an accurate idea on just how many more scans can this bad boy take, as well as its battery level. Apart from that, each time you scan something, the LCD display will show off a live view.

Those who grew up in the Generation Z (born in the mid-1990s to 2010) range will not have an issue whatsoever when using the interface of this scanner, thanks to the 5 navigation buttons which are essential in performing settings such as adjusting the time, date, DPI setting from 300 to 600 and the auto shutdown time. Scanning something requires you to place the item that you want to scan on the scanning surface, before you give the big green button on the side a press.

The Doxie Flip is ideal to scan the likes of postcards, index cards, coins, stamps, and photos, but if you need to scan something a whole lot larger, remove the lid and flip the scanner over (hence its name). This allows you to see through the scanner in order to capture the exact thing that you need. The $149 Doxie Flip would be the ideal purchase if you have no portable scanner so far, but do consider other Doxie models too if you want a wand-style model.

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