Double Solar Lamp Post Light

Lamp posts are a much more attractive way to offer outdoor lighting.  They’re far more classic and interesting than just having an ordinary porch light.  The down side is that it means you’ll be running wires if you do want a lamp post.  That is unless you pick up a solar powered alternative, then the set up would be a whole lot faster.

They are made to look like a traditional street lamp, so it won’t stand out as a cheap solar powered light.  This will charge up during the day and then at night will run the 2 lights for 8-10 hours.  Of course it’ll only run that long if it gets the full charge it needs.  The glass is created to look like some old fashioned gas lights.  It has an aluminum base that won’t rust and the whole thing is weather resistant.  The lamp can be purchased in either black or white for $265 through the Outdoor Solar Store.

Source: EnviroGadget

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