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The Dotspen will save your wrist from stippling stress


If you enjoy drawing, you’ve likely messed with different methods to shape the image in your mind onto the page. You can use hatching, shading, stippling, and a myriad of other movements to get the desired effect, but all options are going to be hard on your wrists. If you especially love the stippling effect, then you know how annoying it is to have to take breaks so there aren’t obvious changes in your movements or dot making. Lazy dots become lines pretty quickly.

To keep your wrist from going numb, this Cuttlelola Dotspen will take on half the work for you. This is an electronic drawing pen for illustration, stippling, and zentangle drawings. It uses electricity to power the pen tip to move up and down, looking like a slowed-down tattoo machine as it moves across the page, leaving a trail of dots in its wake. It will take some time to get used to the movement, but art is all about practice anyhow.

This is charged via USB, and you’ll know when its fully charged as the LED indicator light will shut off. You do have the option to use it while it’s plugged in, but will have to deal with the cord possibly getting in the way. It has slow and fast speeds while using a refillable gel ink. The pen will cost around $58, and you can expect paying out $3-4 for 5 replacement cartridges. Presently black ink is the only option that cheap, as blue, pink, and yellow will cost you $5 or more.

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