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The DotPen is a precise stylus for any device


We all have to write notes, letters, and memos during the day. Whether or not we mean to, we get attached to a certain pen or pencil that we prefer to use for any writing we have to do. The way it feels in our hand and the quality of line it produces starts to somehow seem more comfortable than any other option out there.

Of course, the same can be said of a stylus. Many of us are starting to take notes through our tablets or phones, and a stylus can be quite useful instead of having to type and erase everything. Although we don’t usually go through styluses as quickly as we do pens and pencils, it makes it that much more important that you pick out one you really like. Those who have always liked writing with a fine-tipped tool will like the DotPen. This can work with virtually any device be it iPhone, iPad, or Android, and has a 1.9mm active quill.

This is made of machined anodized aluminum alloy, and has a rubber grip. It does require a AAA battery to function, but that will mean 12 hours of power. So long as you have rechargeable batteries in and a charger nearby, it’s no different than plugging it in via USB (though it will take an extra step to get the battery out). There’s a LED to show you when this is “on”, and it comes with a cap to keep the tip safe. This will cost you $69.99, which is rather expensive for a stylus that runs off of batteries, but it all comes down to individual preference and what you’re willing to pay.

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