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Doormat Scale does as it says


Furnishing a new home can be quite the adventure, and depending on which point of view you are coming from, it could be either a positive or negative experience. Most ladies would bemoan the fact that their men seem less than interested in how the house is filled up, from its choice of colors to fittings and furniture, while others gush on how their men take the lead in such matters. While we can talk about different styles and methods of getting a house home-ready, there is one essential accessory that you must not miss out on – the humble doormat.

The front door of your home is the gateway to the outside world, and every single day there ought to be at least one person going in and out. How else are you going to remove all those dirt trapped under your shoes? The answer lies in the humble doormat, and this Doormat Scale that we are covering today does exactly as it says – it helps prevent additional dirt from making their way around your home, and even more so will give a glimpse on how much you weigh at the moment. Perfect for you to find out just how heavy your guests are if you’re hosting a party, although this move might embarrass said guests who are wearing a dress one size too small for their weight range.

Functioning like any other standard bathroom scale, this Doormat Scale will display one’s weight in kilos, so folks who aren’t too used to the metric system migth want to give this a pass since there is no lbs equivalent. On the other hand, it makes for a great doormat, since it’s covered in coconut fiber which does extremely well in trapping and hiding a huge amount of dirt. As the back of the mat is made of latex, the doormat will boast anti-slip properties. It is a mechanical scale that will run perpetually forever since there is no need for any batteries, just make sure you don’t go above the 160kg mark and it ought to function just right.

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