Doormat Chime lets you know there are visitors in an ingenious method

Most of us have long traded door-knockers for a door bell of sorts, or perhaps hang one of those classic bells that go ding-a-ling whenever a visitor is at your door. Since door bells and door chimes are dime a dozen, with most of them requiring a push of a button, or in a more passive manner, uses motion sensor technology, here is the Doormat Chime that works differently.
This security chime is hidden under the doormat itself, relying on a pressure sensitive pad that will set off one of three pleasant pre-programmed chimes. The portable bell unit has a working range of 100 feet, and can be placed just about anywhere. Other features comprise of volume control, and an optional cordless doorbell unit. The only downside that we can see? Once the trio of AAA batteries and solitary A23 battery runs out, you will need to get replacements. This is where the classic bell beats out on the $39.98 purchase.

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