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Donut shaped modification makes wind generators more efficient

Wind power is a viable alternative for green energy – particularly in arid areas where there’s plenty of wind, but little of anything else. Trouble is, that wind turbines aren’t as efficient as they should and need to be. A company named Leviathan Energy seems to have a very simply way to improve the efficiency of wind turbines … and it involves donuts.

Based on computer models, Leviathan has designed a plastic and metal don’t skirt which, after affixed around the base of each turbine, will direct air flow directly into the optimal area for the Wind Turbine blades to operate. The result is more air going across the blade airfoils and more energy being harvested as a result. How much more? Leviathan estimates that power output of an average wind turbine can be increased on order of magnitude from 15-30% and at lower wind speeds. Meaning that in light wind conditions that Wind turbines may actually be still and unused, they can now harvest enough energy to increase outputs by up to 150%. And that makes it very attractive.

The downside, however, is that according to Leviathan, each skirt has to be custom engineered and fit to reflect the size and height of the wind turbine, the blades they use, even the position of the turbine on the wind farm. But with an estimated return of 4-5 on investment, it could be a very good accessory that yields powerful dividends.

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3 thoughts on “Donut shaped modification makes wind generators more efficient”

  1. Interesting concept. How about improving it by covering it with solar cells to supplement the wind turbine and boast energy harvesting even more?

  2. On page 11 it talks about the Donut shaped modification makes wind generators more efficient, well since this is a site about solar power, adding solar panels will just add to the overall power production would it not?

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