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Don’t get robbed when buying HDMI cables

Monster HDMI Cable
Ever walked into a Best Buy looking for an HDMI cable? I guarantee you were shocked when you saw they were at least $60 each. The most expensive one probably went for $120. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, pay that much for an HDMI (or any type of cable really) cable, especially when there’s no real difference between those hyped up Monster cables and your generic black one. I’ll give you that the Monster ones look cooler though, but you’re not actually looking at the cable, are you?

For cheap yet high quality cables, I recommend MonoPrice. They’re highly rated throughout the tech community and have unbeatable prices. Personally, I haven’t used them yet, but will be soon as I’ll need some new Toslink cables soon. Anyway, I’ll just do some comparisons:

Monster 8′ HDMI is $150, while MonoPrice sells a 10′ HDMI cable for $7.10. On the site, they have hundreds of different cables, adapters, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need for your computer, speakers, TVs, and any other electronic device.

One more, just for fun:

Monster has a “cheap” 6′ component cable for $40, while MonoPrice has it for $18. That’s not as much savings as the HDMI cable, but it’s a lot cheaper.

And while Monster and all those other fancy cable makers will try to make their HDMI cables seem better, they’re really not. HDMI is a digital signal, and it either works or it doesn’t. And when you’re dealing with analog signals, the average bear doesn’t need those expensive Monster cables, just get some from MonoPrice or even the cheaper ones at BestBuy. Acoustic Research has fairly cheap cables in retail stores, including Best Buy.

Please, don’t spend more than you need to on cables!

4 thoughts on “Don’t get robbed when buying HDMI cables”

  1. Mono Price is great. Firefold is another that regularly pushes cable deals.
    Sometimes sometimes sometimes
    I’ve bought “mystery” box of cables from a couple of these which have had
    several brand name (maybe not monster but good name) – like 20 for $20 had 2 or 3 hdmi cables, 2 or 3 composite video, etc. (most are 6 to 8 ft; 25 ft ethernet)
    I’ve also bought firewire and sata cables for a couple dollars.


    all can be found on and

  2. Mike –

    How can you recommend Monoprice cables when you “haven’t used them yet”? Just on the word of others?

    I gotta tell you — i see alot of posts out there for Monoprice, and I’ve contacted a few posters who have later come back and said the cables failed or fell apart not long after.

    Are you a blogger for Mono?

  3. There are many other places to get cables – the jist of the article is dead on though, Monster cables are a huge marked up waste of money. The only way any cable can fail is by the ends falling off or a contact coming unsoldered. I’ve never seen that happen except to cable monkeys who keep plugging/unplugging their cables.

  4. Just to redress the balance a bit – the various monster cables I’ve seen/used have all been pretty decent. That’s not to say that there’s not some (lots of?) mark-up for brand and packaging but you do get a consistent quality and you won’t be left with something poor. Quality of materials and construction does make a difference, especially when you’re playing at the mid/high end of the market.

    You need to visit audiophile land though to find truly silly cable prices. Take a look at this link for a heart attack (but bear in mind that the sort of systems that use these cables typically cost about as much as a mid range car so it’s all proportional!)

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