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Don’t drop the soap, use a Soap Bank

Soap Bank

It’s been a while since I’ve used bar soap in the shower. No, I bathe on a regular basis and all, but I’ve found it much easier to just use a liquid soap, as you don’t really worry about dropping it, and it always seems to get a better lather. Sure, I could get a soap-on-a-rope, but I’d still have the lathering issue (and a lot of spare rope). Here’s a concept that would make it much easier to keep your soap off the ground, while making sure that you get lots of suds to clean with.

You have to give credit where it’s due, and soap should be noted as one of the few products that needs little packaging (usually recyclable paper) that just simply fades into nothing as it is used up. I’m aware that my method of using a liquid soap isn’t great for the environment, as it kills many fake plastic trees each year. This neat Soap Bank is a rather simple design which sticks to the inside of your shower and gives you a dish on which to place your soap. Once it has gotten down to a small chunk and is much harder to hold, just squeeze it through the slot into the hanging net. There you are free to lather it up without the worry of dropping it. We all know that the worst thing you can do in a shower is drop the soap.

For now this appears to be only a concept design. However, with the simplicity and usefulness of the product, I have little doubt that we’ll see something similar on the market in a short time.

Source: Yanko Design

2 thoughts on “Don’t drop the soap, use a Soap Bank”

  1. What a god-send!

    I can now shower in peace and not worry if I drop the soap while my little pumpkin is near…..

    Chris “I’m not clenching” John.

  2. Why don’t you just put your soap in an onion bag? They are free, can hang on a hook and exfliate your skin.

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