Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)

Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)Ahh the patch,, killer of nicotine cravings, eliminator of pregnancies, and now,,,

Killer of Bugs!

These are simple adhesive patches that add a little extra Vitamin B-1 to your body.

Why you ask?

Well, when you use these properly (gotta put em’ on a clean hairless patch of skin 2 hours prior to going outside) they emit a smell different from the standard CO2 smell that draws bugs to us.

The best thing of course, is that you get 36 hours of bug free living (yup, 36 hours!) Time to plan that trip to Wisdom Montana!!!

You can get a box of 10 for $7.99USD, or 20 for $15.99 USD.

Thanks Uncrate!