Domo Toaster

Some cartoon characters have this universal appeal of cuteness, and I guess you can say that the Domo-kun is one of them, being this brown colored, rectangular character with a mouth that is almost as large as its body itself, armed with a pair of legs and an equal number of arms. If you happen to be a purveyor of all things Domo-kun, then you might be interested to check out the $39.99 Domo Toaster, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every morning each time you dig into your morning toast!

The Domo Toaster will come with 5 toasting settings, where it is capable of browning a couple of slices at any one time. Do bear in mind that this is an officially licensed product, so use it without any frills or concern that it is going to explode in your face suddenly just because it is a bootleg or poor imitation without any quality control built in during the manufacturing process. Depending on the toaster setting that you choose, you can slightly brown or even scorch Domo’s lovely face onto your toast for that perfect start to the day.