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Dolfi helps you clean laundry through the power of ultrasound


When you have a piece of clothing that you absolutely love, you want to keep it looking like new. You will usually go a little out of your way, taking extra steps to carefully clean and preserve the garment so you don’t have to toss it anytime soon. Every now again we get a particularly troublesome stain and are forced to break out some harsh cleaning chemicals or scrub and possibly destroy the fabric.

If you want a hands-off method of cleansing without having to give much effort on your end, then Dolfi might be able to lend a hand. This looks like a bar of soap with a cable coming out of it, and while it is used for cleaning there’s no chemicals involved in this device. This gadget uses ultrasonic technology to essentially shake the stain out of your clothes. It takes up much less energy than a machine washer, and is far more gentle, meaning it’s perfect for delicates.

While you can’t do more than a garment or two at once, this will have your clothes looking like new in no time. You only need to submerge the garments in water, add detergent, put the Dolfi in, and turn it on. After 30-40 minutes, your clothes will be clean, needing only to be rinsed and dried. This would be great for travel, washing important articles of clothing when you have to be mindful of sound (around babies and puppies), and will cost you $109. It’s a pricey accompaniment to your washing machine, but might just save your favorite shirt.

Available for preorderĀ on Indiegogo