Doghouse Air Conditioner – Summer Comfort for Man’s Best Friend

Doghouse Air Conditioner

It’s almost here, the dog days of summer, I know most folks are looking forward to it, but I guess I’m just not a big fan of the heat. Sure it’s nice to go somewhere tropical in the dead of winter, but there’s a big difference between laying around with drinks that have oranges and umbrellas in them and actually having to go to work, and the store… even my dog is starting to pant already.

Well don’t worry Rover, the folks over at Climate Right have your back. Check out this small and totally portable air conditioner that will keep you cool all summer long. The CR-5000 actually cools in the summer and heats in the winter with a 5050 BTU capacity and it lets you control your pet’s environment all year round. The air is constantly filtered, cleaned and dehumidified all the while keeping your buddy comfy and cozy.

The 110 v electric Climate Right has an electronic thermostat with an energy saver feature and a timer. The fan has 3 cooling speeds and comes with an infrared remote control. It runs quietly and efficiently and has no harmful emissions and it is quite likely able to make “being in the doghouse” not  a bad place to be, at all.

Dogs can’t cool themselves like we can, which leaves them much more vulnerable to devastating problems like heatstroke, so if you want to keep your pets safe and comfortable this summer you might consider the Climate Right Doghouse Air Conditioner available from for under 500 bucks, now bring on the Pina Coladas!