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The Dog Walker Dumbbells

Anyone that prefers walking with weights to get the most out of their walk would normally have a little bit of a balancing act if they’re going with their pet.  Granted my dog yanks on the leash hard enough that it gives me a good enough work out that I don’t really feel the need to add to it.  Those of you that have a calm dog, this Dog Leash Weight Set is a great way to make it easy to carry a weight and a leash.

Each of the weights has something for your dog stashed directly on them.  One side has the 16′ leash with a 3-way trigger.  Then on the other is a compartment to hang onto things like treats and bags to clean up any messes your dog happens to leave behind.  The dumbbell itself weighs 4 and ½ pounds, so it’s not exactly a heavy weight.  You can purchase the full set for $59.95 through Hammacher.

Source: OhGizmo