Go Dog Go Shoots Tennis Balls for the Dog

godoggoWhen I watch my favorite TV shows online, I see commercials for the Washington State Lottery. Don’t ask me how they know that I live in Washington, but its the commercial’s subject matter that really disturbs me.

On this ad, this man builds a big machine that automatically throws frisbees for his dog. The voiceover says “I dream of being my dog’s best friend”. I can’t help but think it would be easier not to build the machine and just toss the dang frisbee yourself. That way you can spend less time building and more time with your best friend, buddy. The commercial is on after the jump if you want to see it for yourself.

Perhaps the man from this commercial could simply buy a Go Dog Go, a device that throws tennis balls for your fetch-loving canine.

It is adjustable, launching a ball 15 to 30 feet away every 7 to 15 seconds via remote control. It takes six D batteries to power it for five hours.

I suppose that this product is for those who need to wear out their dog before they go to bed at night. Sort of like how I try and wear out my kids. Ironically, I used to read them the Go Dog Go book.

If you want this Go Dog Go, feel free to head over to the Active Dog Toys website and lay down $149.95.