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Dog Escape Preventer

How many of you out there have experienced your four legged friend zipping out from the door the moment you open it? For those who nod their head in affirmation, then you might be interested in picking up the $69.95 Dog Escape Preventer. As its name suggests, this unit will mount easily to just about any door frame, housing a vinyl barrier which clips to the door and unfurls when the door is opened. This would create a 31″ high, impenetrable blockade – of course, if your dog is involved in agility sports, then chances are it might just be able to make that jump, although it would be highly unlikely since agility dogs normally have to go through obedience classes, which in turn ensures they stay put until you give the command. The vinyl barrier is tear- and puncture-resistant, and can unclip from the door and automatically retract to store in the housing unit in a jiffy. While minor assembly is required, you won’t need a rocket science degree to get the Dog Escape Preventer fixed up.

2 thoughts on “Dog Escape Preventer”

  1. My parents have a dog that was a stray for a couple years. She’s about 50 lbs and can clear a 4-foot fence, I’ve seen her do it with room to spare. Only problem is she’s also never had any obedience training…

  2. What a stupid gadget… I would love to see a video demo of this in action. Sure it might prevent most dogs from escaping as soon as door opens but it also blocks the individual opening the door and the guest from entering hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! What a waste of money. For $70 I can get a few obedience training lessons and not need any door preventer at all. This is one of those gadgets you put in a room called the “R” room. Not what you think, the R represents redundant not ret**d even though the inventor probably was one.

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