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Dog Beer

dogbeer.jpgHave you ever worried about your dog getting too thirsty after eating that pack of doggy biscuits? Fear no longer, now you can provide him with some authentic dog beer! If that was not enough there are already rival companies producing those specialties.

The first one is the Dog Star Brewing Company that produces the Happy Tale Ale, a beer made wit h malted barley and filtered water (fortified with some vitamins). If you are wondering what does a dog beer taste like, well… this one comes with a natural beef flavor! The Happy Tale Ale sells for $1,50 a bottle, and you can find it in pet stores across the country.

The second beer looks more sophisticated. It is produced in Holland, from a mixture of malt and beef extract. It is called Kwispelbier, and since it is targeted to dogs with a more refined palate they charge a premium price of $2,14 per bottle.

Terrie Berenden, the pet shop owner that created the beer, commented where she got her inspiration from: “Once a year we go to Austria to hunt with our dogs, and at the end of the day we sit on the verandah and drink a beer. So we thought, my dog also has earned it.”

Notice that both of those beers are non-alcoholic since dogs are not able to assimilate alcohol the way humans do (the bottom line being: no Heineken or Budweiser for the puppies, thanks).

Via: American Inventor Spot

3 thoughts on “Dog Beer”

  1. You should mention something about alcohol here, too. I’m guessing this “beer” is alcohol-free but that might be worth mentioning in the article as feeding dogs with alcohol is prohibited and actually a felony.

  2. Good point Henrik, Dan did mentioned they are non alcoholic at the end of the post (or did he just edit it after seeing your comment, hmmm)

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