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Doctor Who USB Dalek Desk Defender

Are you a huge fan of Dr. Who? If so, you would definitely have wished upon a star once in your lifetime for a real life Dalek as your personal assistant. After all, there is nothing cuter or more nerdy than a Dalek scurrying around, following you about while yelling, “Exterminate! Exterminate!”. Definitely the ideal desk companion to have whenever you are sick and tired of issuing a verbal command to shoo away unwanted visitors to your work space, outsourcing the dirty task to the $39.99 Doctor Who USB Dalek Desk Defender. It is nice to know that the Doctor Who USB Dalek Desk Defender will be accompanied by an extremely lengthy USB cable, ensuring that it does not matter just where the final available USB port is located on your machine – the Dalek on your desk is more than capable of handling whatever comes its way. The integrated motion sensor on this puppy is capable of detecting movement between 6 to 9 feet away, depending on the kind of lighting that you have in the vicinity. Turn it on before you leave for lunch, and it will serve you well. ]]>