Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

We have seen our fair share of Doctor Who products in the past, and just a couple of days ago, we spotted the Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light which would definitely come in handy when helping out Time Lords who want to make their way to the bathroom for a leak in the middle of the night, and yet are afraid of monsters lurking in the dark. Well, that’s all and good, and here we are with another iteration of the TARDIS which should be able to ensure your house has an overall Doctor Who festive mood with the $19.99 Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights.
You can now party like a Time Lord with this unique piece of home decorative equipment. Each 9-foot cord will hold 10 lights, where each of these lights come in the form of a small TARDIS. Don’t worry about the lights blowing after a while, you need not travel to the future to obtain some replacements (four, actually) as each purchase already comes with replacement lights just in case the untoward happened. This is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible just in case you are concerned about the authenticity of such products.

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