Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe

We have seen our fair share of TARDIS products here on Coolest Gadgets in the past, and you can be sure that such a brilliant piece of intellectual property is just not going to dry up when it comes to merchandise anytime soon. The latest addition to help you part with your hard earned money would be the $39.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe, and as the name itself implies, it is capable of locking away your treasures, although it cannot send them back or forward through time. An equally tiny key is the only thing to unlock it (unless, of course, you use a heavy duty firearm, a hammer or a grenade) under regular circumstances, and for that added geeky effect, there is a “vworp vworp vworp” sound whenever you or someone else opens it.
It will require a trio of AA batteries to make sure the TARDIS’ light will flash while playing back the regeneration sounds, so if your TARDIS ends up mute one fine day, you know that it is time to replenish those batteries. Not having any sound or light effects will not affect the effectiveness or safety of the Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe though, so do keep that in mind. Bet you knew that already, eh?