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Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light

I was told by my parents never to read under poor lighting conditions, as it is absolutely dreadful on the eyes. I guess I am reaping the consequences of my action now, and have been wearing glasses for the better part of two decades already. If you are an avid reader and would like to do so before you sleep each night, but your partner in bed prefers to enter Dreamland, here is a compromise gizmo that the both of you can agree on – the $15.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light which is definitely appealing to Dr. Who fans. The Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light is a clip-on light that offers adequate amount of LCD light which is bright enough for you to read, and the light is also accompanied by a UV pen in order for you to write out secret notes whenever you are feeling a little bit secretive and have just watched Sherlock Holmes for the umpteenth time. The adjustable neck enables you to position the light wherever you need it, although just make sure there are always a couple of CR2 batteries lying around to keep it powered. ]]>