Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek

So your little geekling is still too young to own a driving license, but he or she has been badgering you non-stop to get him/her a ride. Since Christmas is around the corner and you want to keep your youngling happy, why not stimulate our nation’s economy in the process by forking out $299.99 for the Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek? Yes sir, this toy will definitely make the young Whovian in your life more than ecstatic, where it is made out of a mixture of ballistic nylon and laminated rubberized polyvinyl. These are soft to the touch, but belie the fact that they are very durable and tear resistant.
Being inflatable does not mean that this is on par with a beach ball in terms of quality, but more that of a snow tube. To get it moving around, it will rely on a 6v battery powered motor that delivers 360 degree steering and a maximum speed of nearly 2 mph – definitely not fast enough to outrun parents who want to reel the kids in for dinner. While it is unable to hover around, at least the soft bumper located around the edge of the Dalek will protect your walls and furniture from damage. Bear in mind that this being a UK imported toy, you will need to get your own UK outlet adapter if you’re living Stateside.