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Doctor Who Glow 10th Doctor Regeneration is a Thinkgeek exclusive

dr-who-tenthDoctor Who has been around for a fair number of decades now, and you can be sure that the gravy train of Doctor Who merchandise has not quite run out of steam just yet. Having said that, if you think that you have gotten just about all the relevant Doctor Who merchandise that you have always wanted, do not be surprised if you have come across this unique $12.99 Doctor Who Glow 10th Doctor Regeneration. This is an extremely cute Funko POP! version of the Tenth Doctor coming into existence, where he wears the Ninth Doctor’s clothing, and is also a ThinkGeek exclusive – which means you are unable to find it anywhere else.

After all, regenerations are always tough on the Doctor and his companions, but for fans, it can be even tougher. It does take a whole lot of getting used to when a new person puts on the clothes of the old, and having to get used to a new accent and kinds of mannerisms. This is an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise, where his head glows in the dark.

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