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Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight

No one likes to live in the dark permanently, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of the dawn breaking right after a long night. Having a flashlight handy around is always a good idea, as you can never quite tell just when there might be a blackout. Since you are mulling over just which flashlight model to purchase, you might as well get one that aligns with your love for all things Doctor Who, where it will come in the form of the $29.99 Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight.

This is a flashlight that lives up to its namesake as it resembles a Dalek eyestalk, and it is a good thing that this is nowhere near as threatening compared to an actual Dalek. Each time you turn on the Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight, it will play some Dalek sound effects for that added touch of realism to accompany your imagination. The Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight will be powered by a couple of AA batteries, and among the phrases muttered are, “You are the Doctor. You must be exterminated.”, “You must be exterminated.”, and “Scan reveals nothing.”

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