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Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers comes in many variants

dr-who-bluetooth-speakersBluetooth speakers seem to be dime a dozen these days, although there are some out there which intend to stand out from the rest of the crowd by being tougher than a regular piece of consumer electronics. Well, if you are not too much into the rugged lifestyle, but would prefer to still enjoy your music sans wires, perhaps checking out the collection of Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers might be a good idea, especially if you are a fan of all things Doctor Who.

Depending on what you choose, the price will range from $99.99 to $249.99, where you will be able to select from a TARDIS, Dalek Sec (black), an Assault Dalek (bronze), or a combo pack. Each choice will feature half a dozen integrated sound clips from the show for that added bit of novelty, now how about that? This is a true blue Doctor Who sonic experience, where your ears will be treated to 2″ high power speakers and a 2.5″ passive bass radiator. Since they happen to be wireless, there is no need to crawl behind and all over the place to place the speakers. If you decide to purchase multiples, there is the added advantage of chaining them together and hear EX-TER-MI-NATE in surround sound. A single battery charge will be able to last for 10 hours of continuous use thereabouts.

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