DNA Time Capsule – Leave some of YOU Behind.


I’ve done quite a few posts regarding how to plan for ones final goodbye. Fancy caskets, being shot into space, having our ashes pressed into diamonds, being made part of a living underwater reef system. I just haven’t really hit upon an option that completely appeals to me yet. Ideally, I’d like to find something that let’s me come back, or at least a reasonable facsimile of me. Is that wrong?

Well, check out the DNA Time Capsule, allowing you to store, and preserve your DNA for well over one hundred years. So If you were no longer here, it is plausible that this genetic fingerprint could someday be used to make another…well,  you! Who knows what technology will bring in the future, what discoveries lay before us? You can be ready to take advantage of these advancements, and take peace in knowing that someone just like you might be here to experience them.

Practically speaking, there are other reasons to have your DNA preserved for generations to come. Medical testing could progress to a degree that your great-grandchildren could benefit by having your DNA tested for disease panels or specialized cancer screenings. I can imagine a world with all kinds of amazing biotech discoveries that could utilize your DNA for many wondrous things.

Of course, I can also imagine a world where my DNA just sits on the fireplace mantle, next to the Hummel figurines, and the vase my Aunt Lillian gave us, but it’s a heck of a cool high-tech container, and there’s a really good story that goes with it (and I’ve always been about a good story)  If you are too, you can get the DNA Time Capsule from our friends over at, for under 300 bucks.