DNA Painting proves you’re unique

Don’t be so pessimistic. Just because you’ve inherited your Mother’s big ass or your Father’s beer gut doesn’t mean your genes are destined for ruin. Our genetics are actually a lot more beautiful then our outward appearance might suggest.

Anything that can be seen as beautiful can be seen as art.   While everyone’s DNA is made of the same base materials, the patterns and strains are nearly infinite. DNA is much more unique than a fingerprint even. It’s the uniqueness of genes which makes it such an excellent base for artistry, as proven through DNA 11’s DNA Art.

DNA 11 takes a swab of your genetic information and transforms it into a totally unique painting. You can choose up to four different personal DNA patterns to display on your canvas, and you even get to customize the color and size of the art piece.

The custom DNA paintings start at $390. If genes don’t float your boat, then DNA 11 even offers paintings of your lips or fingerprints, priced at $290 and $190 respectively. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful, because it’s your uniqueness that will prove otherwise.

Product Page via BallerHouse