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Dlodlo V1 wearable VR device jumps aboard crowdfunding bandwagon

dlodlo-v1The world of virtual reality, or VR, is a rapidly expanding one. No longer are we tethered to old school devices that find it burdensome to crank out a semblance of realistic surroundings, where you are even able to keep track of the number of polygons on the screen — or even the headache inducing Virtual Boy project by Nintendo. No sir, with the likes of Oculus and Samsung Gear VR, you know that VR has broken new boundaries, and we have a crowdfunding project known as the Dlodlo V1 wearable VR headset which decides to jump into the fray.

The Dlodlo V1 wearable VR headset is an 88 gram device, which boasts of the unique design where it resembles an actual pair of stylish sunglasses in the real world. This is a far cry from even the existing VR headsets that tend to be bulky in nature. With a target of raising $200,000 in a matter of just 40 days, the Dlodlo V1 wearable VR headset will be offered at a value price for customers at $559 a pop.

Not only is it small, lightweight, fashionable and durable, the Dlodlo V1 also does come with a number of technological breakthroughs underneath the hood. For starters, the 88 gram weight that is accompanied by 16mm glass, a 2400 x 1200 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate, alongside a 105 degree field of view. It will also be able to help reduce dizziness by minimizing most of the dynamic delay thanks to Dlodlo’s self-developed prediction algorithm. Not only that, the Dlodlo V1 is able to automatically correct distortion to improve user’s experience with visual contents. Dlodlo has gone ahead to install special settings which can adjust to the needs of short-sighted users, ensuring that regular glasses wearers do not have to go through the hassle of wearing extra corrective eyewear, now how about that for innovation? Are you interested?

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