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D-Link starts to ship its HD Indoor Mini Dome Camera

dlink-cameraWe do take security very seriously these days – after all, you can never quite tell just when someone is going to break into your home, or if the maid whom you have hired and looks as though she is simply the warmest person you have met is actually harboring some suicidal thoughts when you are not around, having a closed circuit camera in the home or at the office is always useful. Sure, there are always privacy concerns to worry about, but you can always place such CCTVs in strategic locations without recording anyone in their more personal moments. Having said that, D-Link has just announced that they will start to ship their spanking new HD Indoor Mini Dome Camera, also known as the DCS-6004L if model numbers are your cup of tea, and this particular device is capable of delivering high quality video in a compact dome form factor.

Just how good is the alleged quality? Well, we are looking at a resolution count of 1,280 x 800 pixels, where it will be accompanied by the likes of a built-in microphone in order to pick up whatever noises or conversation in the background, as well as boasting of an integrated infrared illumination that will allow it to see – even in complete darkness, now how about that? There are also other features found in this HD Indoor Mini Dome Camera that will include an audio port which enables it to hook up to an external speaker and PoE (Power over Ethernet) for convenient single cable installation.

This new HD Indoor Mini Dome Camera will target small businesses and residential locations, thanks to its compact size and interchangeable white and black cases that make it more than an ideal solution for adding surveillance to any indoor location. There is also a built-in microSD memory card slot for local “in-camera” recording of event-triggered video, while snapshots can also be viewed later on through a web browser. Apart from that, one will find H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG video compression, multiple independent streaming profiles and ONVIF compliance.

Accompanying it would be the included D-ViewCam software that allows users to view, manage and record up to 32 cameras on a single computer from a central location, in addition to be on the receiving end of e-mail alerts should there be motion or digital input devices be detected. The asking price? $289.99 for some peace of mind, any takers?

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