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D-Link reveals new W-Fi camera

dcs-8200lhHaving the right kind of home security does provide us with much needed peace of mind, and that is exactly what the folks over at D-Link have in mind with their latest Wi-Fi camera. This is no ordinary model, as the DCS-8200LH is a totally new High Definition 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera that will also be the latest entrant to the mydlink Connected Home Series.

This particular High Definition 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera will be able to deliver a wide range of advanced features such as the 180-degree ultra-wide angle lens, 720p HD video quality and a microSD memory card slot for local recording, transforming this into the perfect solution when it comes to home security. Making use of the free mydlink Home app, the DCS-8200LH will then be able to play nice with, as well as react to, mydlink’s Connected Home Devices. With IFTTT (If This Then That) support, users too are able to integrate a number of other apps and devices for a truly automated home.

Carina Tsai, product line manager, D-Link, shared, “The Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Home has really advanced in the last few years, and now with the HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera, homeowners can have a secure Connected Home. The DCS-8200LH with IFTTT support gives users the ability to integrate new and exciting recipes to control their home, allowing them to know what’s happening when they’re away and see what caused a motion detection or water sensor alert.”

This certainly makes the DCS-8200LH a very, very different creature from other kinds of Wi-Fi connected home cameras that are in the market.

You will also be able to take advantage of the added benefit of home security which reacts with other devices. For instance, users are able to create an IFTTT recipe so that the DCS-8200LH will automatically begin recording whenever they leave the house, or take a snapshot when their doorbell rings. Imagine being able to check-in live or playback footage from anywhere on a phone or tablet as well, that would surely give worry warts some much needed peace of mind.

Expect the HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8200LH) to be available from next month onward for $139.99 a pop.

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