DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone gets new accessories

propeller-guardDJI has a slew of new products that will make your drone flying sessions a whole lot more fun and interesting, and just like how a smartphone has its fair share of accessories that makes the talking experience a more enhanced one, so too, will these accessories help your drone flying capabilities and experience be better than ever before. A slew of new accessories for the foldable and compact Mavic Pro drone has been revealed for a safer and more convenient way to get it up and running.

There are a couple of new products that have been specially designed to shield the Mavic Pro’s propellers, where it also delivers an additional measure of safety and protection during flight. The Propeller Guard will ensure that a barrier is placed right around the propellers, and there is also a Propeller Cage which will be mounted on the Mavic Pro’s arms where it completely encircles a set of slightly smaller 7728 Quick-Release Folding Propellers.

The Propeller Cage would be the perfect gift for novice operators and those who are just starting out to master their drone flying skills. However, take note that due to the additional weight of the Propeller cage, the Mavic Pro will see its maximum flight time reduced to 12 minutes. Hence, it is better to fly it in Tripod mode for better precision and stick control.

There is also a new Advanced Battery Charging Hub for Mavic Pro which offers a smart, quick and reliable method to charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries simultaneously. These Intelligent Flight Batteries will be charged in sequence, based on their power levels, from high to low. It will also play nice with the Phantom 4 series 100W charger for a faster charging experience.

The Propeller Cage is going for $159 a pop, while the $9 7728 Quick-Release Folding Propeller makes for a very affordable purchase alongside the $15 Propeller Guard. As for the Battery Charging Hub, that will set one bac by $55 apiece.

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