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DJ Hero from Activision

turntableGames like Guitar Hero and RockBand have been sweeping the video game nation, so why not create a musical game based on DJ-ing?

Yes, it would appear that Activision has created DJ Hero, a game that will require a new type of controller that you see here. Not much else is known about DJ Hero except that it will have different genres of music like hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica, and dance.

Does anyone think that it is odd that the controller is a turntable with a few “frets” on the record itself? I actually tried out DJing at the Experience Music Project, a museum in downtown Seattle. I realize that doesn’t make me a professional DJer by any means, but I don’t think there should be any buttons on the record album at all.

The only reason why I know about DJ Hero is because someone posted pictures of the controller on a twitter account appropriately named “DJHero”. It is amazing how quickly information spreads on the net.

DJ Hero is due out this fall, but there is no word on a price. We do know that Guitar Hero 5 is also due to be released, as well as a new game called Band Hero. Band Hero is apparently a RockBand or Guitar Hero: World Tour for the younger crowd, with a guitar, drums, bass, and microphone and an E10 rating with family friendly top 40 hits.


3 thoughts on “DJ Hero from Activision”

  1. Beatmania not only did it already, but a decade ago. Moreover, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ will do it yet again before DJ Hero comes out, much to Activision’s chagrin (whom lost the lawsuit trying to stifle the release of Scratch).

    Oh, and DJ Max released the Muse-On controller just a few days ago, to be used with DJ Max Trilogy released late last year (a Korean PC title).

    There will be no lack of DJ simulation in the coming year.

  2. “Go DJ! Yeah DJ!” That’s the jingle for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, a new video game with a controller that is quite similar to DJ Hero.

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