DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

Somehow, felines were created in a way where they have this inherent need to scratch on something. I guess it has to do with keeping those nails nice and sharp in order for them to do a number on their prey during a hunt. Having said that, I am quite sure that cat owners by now are used to seeing their expensive leather sofas end up getting pock-marked all over the place, where the first discovery is normally the most painful and after that, everything more or less becomes numb.
If you want to make sure your kitty cat ends up being a musical superstar in an alternate life, here is the $34.99 DJ Cat Scratch Turntable – made out of 100% cardboard that is partially or fully recycled, it would keep your cat looking happy and groovy, not to mention being more than a decent photo opportunity that might just result in some laughs from whoever looks at it.

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