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DIY Wi-Fi Detecting Bumper Sticker


You probably remember the Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt that allows for you to light up every single time the shirt detects a signal.  Well now someone has taken that same shirt and found a way to turn it into a bumper sticker.  That way you have all of those wi-fi detecting abilities while you’re on the road.  Of course it’ll require you to do a little work all on your own, but then your car will be branded with the area’s Wi-Fi capabilities.

Just go to the Instructables page and they lay everything out for you.  Including giving you a link for the cheapest place to buy the shirt.  In addition to the shirt you’ll need some double stick tape, a 12v to 5v USB car adapter and some industrial double stick foam tape.  Then just follow through on the steps that they have listed.  After you’ve finished with the project all you have left is to decide whether to face it towards the inside for your own viewing pleasure.  That or you could show it off out the back of the window for the rest of the world to see.

Source: TechChee