DIY Pinball Coffee Table

Now this is a DIY project worth investing your time in.  Coffee tables are typically dull, but are very useful as a place to hold your beverages as well as use as footrest from time to time.  What if you could have the best of both worlds?  Instead of having the usual dull coffee table, make yourself a pinball machine stashed inside of a coffee table.  Never again will you be stuck watching commercials with that bored expression on your face, now you can pass the time with a few rounds of pinball.

Being a DIY project you have the joy of getting to pick and choose how you want to build it and what advice you actually want to take.  If you need a little more help than just seeing a picture, don’t worry there is a tutorial on this one.  This fancy little pinball machine even has some LED lights to really give you the full effect.  Of course you’ll need to buy a full-size pinball machine in order to convert it into a coffee table, but somehow I think it’ll be worth it if you can manage.

Source:  GizmoWatch

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