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DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit

Being involved in galactic travel is definitely an expensive process and massive undertaking for any country, let alone corporation. Of course, we have fictional companies like the Weyland Corporation or the Umbrella Corporation that seem to have bottomless reserves of money to fund their activities, but here we are presented with a far more affordable way of space travel – using your imagination only, of course. I am referring to the $19.99 DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit.

The name of the DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit says it all, it glorifies paper and not space as the final frontier, and each purchase will come with all the relevant bits and pieces required for you to construct your very own ultimate paper model of the original USS Enterprise 1701. Heck, to make sure that there is the added touch of realism just in case your imagination fails you, a bunch of electronics will also give it lights and sound, and there will be an accompanying book that chronicles the different Enterprises of the Star Trek universe. If you can fix IKEA furniture yourself, assembling the DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit should not be a pain since it comes with step-by-step instructions for assembly.

1 thought on “DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 Kit”

  1. I put mine together over the weekend, it is one of the more difficult kits I have assembled. The instructions could be more thorough as nowhere does it tell you what to do with the sound and battery boxes while you are making the kit or where to stick it once you are done. Also, there is some misnumbering on the punch out sheets, specifically pieces 73 and 76 do not appear to be there but they are actually marked 72 and 75 along with the ACTUAL pieces 72 and 75. Some typos in the instructions show that this product did not come from somewhere very pedantic. I was entertaining and infuriating for my weekend. Not worth more than 10.00 buck though.

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