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DIY hack of Mindflex has shocking implications

I just got finished reporting about a pinball machine that you can control with your mind at CeBIT, and that, in my opinion, is a good use for brain-interface technology. Now, you are about to see a bad one.

This DIY gadget uses a MindFlex, a device that we have reported on before. It is a toy created by Mattel that allows the user/player to control the height of a ball via brainwave interface and “levitate” it through an obstacle course.

The video that you see after the jump is of someone who rigs the Mattel Mindflex to a battery. The object of his new device is to achieve a state of total relaxation. If the player/victim concentrates, even if it is on not concentrating, they will experience an electric shock.

Yes, that is sort of sick, and the video is also sort of sick. Then again, it is designed so we can laugh at another person’s pain, sort of like watching reality TV.

My source has speculated that someone could rewire this device so it would shock you if you didn’t concentrate enough. No matter how this device is wired, mass production of such a device in any form would really produce a very Orwellian society.

Well, the video has a website in case you want to make one of these yourself, but you might have some issues if you want to do this.


2 thoughts on “DIY hack of Mindflex has shocking implications”

  1. I think I’ll give this a miss , amusing to watch other people but I’m not keen on getting shocks lol

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